Getting Hacked

So, some more AI for you.  An interesting article reviewing Belfiore’s  book, The Department of Mad Scientist showing how incremental and present the process is of merging human and computer.  From cruise control to artificial limbs in wounded veterans the implications are as scary to me as they were when I journaled about them back in my 2003 LIS courses.  What I had not considered then was the implication of hacking.   Another article talked about antivirus companies were getting into the cellphone/iphone market.  Belfiore is making us think about the similar risks to the devices that become part of us, that our own bodies would be at risk of cyber attack.  That idea really hacks me off (pun intended).  Perhaps what is the most frightening is that I find some of these ideas are pretty cool too.

“Why do I need a mouse?” [a veteran] asked. “Why can’t I plug my arm right into a USB port?”

Looks like have a new e-book to read!

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