ala dc – day one

Traveling Lesson #1:  Don’t read books that make you cry. You’re sitting next to strangers in a small metal box flying high in the air.  It’s just  not a good idea.  I made it only to page 23 of  Ellen Fitzpatrick’s  Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation before my eyes blurred over with too many tears to make out any more text. And I was holding back under the circumstances!  Come to think of it, where does one find an appropriate spot to sob through a book?

I start my conferencing tomorrow with a pre-conference.  I hope that having left my badge somewhere back home will be of minor consequence and that I will successfully haggle a new one from the registration desk.  I did remember to bring more clothes than I’ll need, more books than I’ll read, and a swimsuit that I will probably not have occasion for. It’s ok to laugh at me.

I anticipate having a sight-seeing lesson to share tomorrow as I attempt to visit 2 Smithsonian Museums and the Lincoln Memorial via a stroll through the National Mall after my pre-conference lets out.

Wish me luck and energy!

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