truthbrarians and copyright

I was so glad to see this post on copyright-knowledgable librarians highlighted in American Libraries Direct this week. It gives me opportunity to agree and briefly follow-up on a previous post of my own on the matter.

My favorite point this Copyright Librarian blogger points out is the context that librarians bring to the issue of copyright.  The reason that we know what we know and can impart this wisdom effectively to others is because we had to learn it in the context of doing.  And that context of doing is the same or very similar to the context of need for faculty or other library users.   Moreover,  as librarians who value integrity of knowledge, we don’t just half-ass our learning in doing — we research.

Few copyright specialist attorneys have extensive experience with academic publishing, but academic librarians – they have an amazing view of the whole system and life-cycle of scholarly publishing.

The post goes on to illustrate a small survey comparing faculty and librarian knowledge on copyright matters relative to the use of textual quotations, use of images, and course reserves.  The latter which I was happy to see the least margin of difference between the two.

And what’s more, the post references another little blog (before I knew what blogs were) entry of yore — one that made me want to be a librarian!

In summary:  we are cool, we are knowledgable, and we’ve got image issues to overcome.

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