keep ER&L weird

Not sure why I didn’t post this last April, right after the conference.  But in the spirit of just writing and getting it out there, and because ER&L 2013 sessions were just announced, and because I am thinking about ERLs and OE again recently, I am publishing anyway.

My biggest personal takeaway from the  Electronic Resources & Libraries conference this past week  April in Austin TX was this: I’m OK, you’re OK, we’re all OK.  Maybe that seems a strange takeaway, given the state of upheaval we librarians, especially we ERLs, find ourselves.  But it was the message I needed to hear recovering from the week prior where I struggled to recommunicate why this little ol’ ERL might have something intelligent to say on the matter of strategic planning and organizational effectiveness.  Quite similar to the KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD motto of this “little drinking town with a live music problem” , I left affirmed that my passion and experience for information management, strategy, and organizational effectiveness (now!) is not the domain of only upper administrators.  These qualities and experiences are quite common among ERLs.


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