Webscale Collection Analysis and Development (Intota) #erl13

Marist College is one of the development partners for Intota. Kathryn (Katie) Silberger gave an overview of assessment efforts at Marist and how webscale (360COUNTER, Google, Summon) has helped them.

Using 360COUNTER provides multi-year comparison, centralized gathering and storage, while still offering robust reports in Excel format. With cost data in the system, the renewal analysis and decision takes 10 minutes.  You even get stats for products that are not providing reports. For example, click-throughs for open access in order to raise faculty awareness; referrer reports — where are people starting; and a report of widget for usage in LibGuides (which LibGuides can’t provide).  Other types of assessment services they tried include using Google forms (DIY) for reference question analysis and a direct connection to collection decisions, and looking at discovery logs and posting the top 10 or more questions to your internal staff.

Like many, their assessment environment means dealing with data in multiple systems and a proliferation of spreadsheets.   Beside collecting these into one system, other reasons for going webscale were that e-stats and p-stats are different. Current p(hysical)-stats, like circulation statistics reports, don’t account for highly circulating items like laptops, study rooms. Also, when assessment it takes too much time and effort, you often can’t ask for things “out of curiosity”.  Webscale means less time manipulating data and more time for analysis.

Mark Tullos (ProQuest) discussed how to bring all of this together in one place with Intota Assessment.  Intota Asessment has been rolled out this year in advance of the entire Intota Webscale systems. The claim is that Intota offers “a total picture of holdings, usage and overlap across all formats.

This Spring they are beta testing with current partners (and possibly adding other partners). After this process they will be recommending best practices.

Question — How do you deal with the fact that ingesting data is problematic to 360COUNTER or homegrown solutions, and requires a lot of normalization.
Answer — 360’s Data Retrieval Service (DRS) has helped this by using authority control — much like the questioner suggested they were manually doing. Problem with normalization of COUNTER data is often with the header, so have replaced this. DRS doesn’t require SUSHI compliance.

Question — What about non COUNTER data?
Answer — For no stats, use the click-through, for the non-COUNTER, normalize them to make them COUNTER-ish and load them.

Question — How are you loading cost?
Answer — By hand. The form fas not been as easy as giving it out to clerical staff given that invoicing is so varied across product. Once you have it in,

Question — If Banner could interact with Serials Solution this seems it would make this process easier. Are you planning for this?
Answer — Serials Solutions in following this and other payment systems, anticipating something to assist when rolling out Intota Webscale.

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