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brutiful truths

When I set up this blog for my MLS capstone, I gave myself permission to seek truth beyond the MLS.  I’ve done that in my tradtionally quiet way.  But I’ve been wrestling a lot lately with how to speak some of that seeking more openly here, and more often.  This post, by one of my favorite truth-speakers has motivated me to get started on this…just a little.

G, I’ve been tweeting about my 2012 resolution to read 12 books this year.  My last book was kind of a cop out, it being an “I Can Read” children’s book of only 63 pages.  But, one of the things your shared truth has taught me is that deep, full, and brutiful truths can be found in the simplest places. So, I’m sharing just two pages (a fair use) in hopes it will encourage you, encourage me, and maybe even get you out to the library and pick up a copy.  Oh yeah, and my kids like it too.

We look brave

Brave Together

Lobel, Arnold. (1971). Dragons and Giants. In Frog and Toad Together pp.43,51. Columbus, OH: Newfield Publications.

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