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I think when this major court case Publishers v. Georgia State University began, it was about the time we started trying to figure out how to dump our e-reserves system onto faculty.  Too bad, just when librarians are starting to really pick up their copyright baton in their role in Scholarly Communication.  We could have had quite a head start.

When I was involved in helping coordinate the work of copyright compliance for e-reserves at my library years back, I constantly wondered why the subject librarians, the faculty liaisons were not involved in the process.  Our biggest problem at that time was trying to communicate to faculty the provision of fair use we were using and why we had to restrict their course content.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, the trouble was that we often couldn’t just tell them this outright.  As lowly and still fairly shy technical services staff we funnelled this  faculty communication through the public service staff.  This was a relief, but also a frustration because often the result  was promises were made by public services to keep the customer happy that technical services couldn’t keep.

So why not involve the librarians who consulted with faculty all the time?  They were the experts in these tricky copyright issues, weren’t they?  They they had the greatest relationship clout to influence faculty practice and were already skilled at information literacy instruction, right?   I guess, like us,  they also had a lot of other stuff to do.

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