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This blog is going to start a little artificially.   It is the evolution of an artifact for my online portfolio demonstrating one of the outcomes of my graduate degree in Library and Information Management from Emporia State University. See that portfolio (and “wth is truthbrarianism?” here).   Throughout the first course in the program I was to keep a journal about my musing on the issues, concepts, news, and what have you of   the library and information field.   Although blogs were around at the time, I wasn’t aware of them.  But when I returned to complete the program in earnest 4 years later I had begun a blog for my family as a way to make myself write and hoping it would help me in my paper writing later on.

Now, in the last course of the program and gathering my artifacts, I knew that this journal was a critical one.  What I was amazed to realize was I only had 2 paper copies of it:

1)  my hand written journal ( I was still very much a pen and paper gal in 2003)
2) a print out of the word processed version I turned in and returned to me by my professor with comments.

So I thought about my options.  I could just scan the whole journal with comments — meh, too lazy.  I could get Chris (who is trying to improve his typing skills) to recreate it into a word processed document — lazy, verging on cheating.  I really thought the blog idea was a good one (hindsight is annoyingly 20/20). But because the very nature of blogs is to keep record of the events in time, the best I can do is start from the beginning now.  I will probably find a way to interrupt my old self with the (smug) wisdom of an MLS grad.  And to remain chronologically true, I will tie in some posts from my family blog where I talked about scholarly adventures upon restarting my program studies.  Then hopefully this will lead in nicely to pick up the blog in real time as a bona-fide truthbrarian.

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