truthberry pickings

The interwebs are smiling brightly today, particularly on a few of my very favorite topics: fair use, sensemaking,  workflow analysis, and project management.

First up, Brett Bonfield of ITLWLP .  Fear not the seemingly tired topics of ‘scholarly publishing crisis, e-books, and library core values’ upon which this particular post expounds.  Bonfield gives a most clear, well paced, and relevant discussion, outlining the currently available and ideal purchase/license models in a nifty table and a brief discussion of each.  Local highlight: the State Library of Kansas helped establish the Portability Model.  I do so appreciate well written, and very practical reminders of how we can and do preserve library core principles of fair use and first sale.

I also find Roy Tennant to be an excellent bibliographer of articles both timely and relevant to my work.  A couple from his recent Current Cites update seemed very relevant to things I’ve been presently working on (and to my libraries’ larger strategic directions) – workflow analysis and the next generation ILS (Breeding, 2012) and use of project management in libraries (Horwath, 2012).  See more at:

Finally, how lovely to find sensemaking in the most unexpected places.  Another of my more personal (than professional) favorite blogs, Glennon Melton (of Don’t Carpe Diem fame), explores a third option when faced with difficult communications.  Right!   In her concluding statement…

If she’d never written, or if I’d have fought her back, or ignored her – I’d never have explored my desperate need and insistence upon laughter. I wouldn’t have understood myself the way I do now.

And we wouldn’t understand each other. A crack would remain where now stands a bridge.

…(especially that last line) she alludes to Dervin’s sensemaking while offering an approach for care-full truth-seeking in every encounter.

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